Medium Loci

Title of this site-specific art project “Medium Loci” is a combination of words medium and genius loci. We use it this way to point out the fact that place or region itself, through its genuine qualities, can represent a visual medium. We have decided to deny the general concept of transporting the same artworks around several art venues and showing them over and over. Instead, we prepare the entire show again for the selected location. After spending several days in each city, artists begin to dig in local history, current political and cultural situation. This way, they often provide local people with new point of view, both socially and aesthetically. Final result consists of photographs, video installations and figurative reactions to the gallery space.

Series of 7 exhibitions in galleries in Czechia and Germany in 2014 – 2017. Project by Department of Photography FUD UJEP. Curated by Silvie Milková a Jana Stejskalová.