Tired horse can no longer carry on

Photographs, 2014, various formats
Defamiliarizated, estranged vision of our surroundings as a solution to human’s automatized visual perception amidst the everyday visual smog and overall oversaturation. Based on theories of Viktor Shklovsky (Theory of Prose, 1925), François Laruelle and Jindřich Chalupecký. De-compositions of found or manipulated human-made patterns and objects. Part of the BFA thesis “Ozvláštněno” .pdf (CZ).

Medium Loci

Medium Loci” site-specific art project combines the words medium and genius loci to point out the fact that place or region itself, through its genuine qualities, can represent a visual medium. We have decided to deny the general concept of transporting the same artworks around several art venues and showing them over and over. Instead, we prepare the entire show again for the selected location. After spending several days in each city, artists begin to dig in local history, current political and cultural situation. Reinterpreting local archives, stereotypes and lore, they provide local people with new point of view, both socially and aesthetically. Final result consists of photographs, video installations and figurative reactions to the gallery space.

Series of 7 exhibitions in galleries in Czechia and Germany in 2014 – 2017. Project by Department of Photography FUD UJEP. Curated by Silvie Milková a Jana Stejskalová

Medium Loci: Jihlava

one of the towns examined

Again and Again

Ústí nad Labem – documenting cultural venues of the local university city. Inspired by the Medium Loci and Vnitrobloky projects.
Art gallery in the loft of a dirty factory, cultural center in a shut down cinema, house of arts in a socialistic school canteen. What a characteristic transformation for the city. Original arched ceilings, multi-layer walls, hidden rooms, absurd details or huge windows can’t be found in the ordinary white cubes. What is the position and function of these places the Czech and local cultural and social climate?

There was a sense of change developed in the areas without clear identification and content. Cultural places create representation that contributes to a new self-awareness. They stand for both past and future process. They create innovative and utopian relations between object and subject, object and the whole and especially between man and space. They represent the story continuation and expression of the civil society’s desire for authenticity. Memory, which is the base for identity and imagination, is being pushed away and detracted more and more due to the speed of changes in surroundings and the necessity of constant movement of people. Therefore it is important to return and closely look into the shared pictures, memories, create space metaphors and focus on what represents us. The projects on the edge between free and design art are divided into three mingling theme groups: representation and human memory; material, formal and socio-cultural borders of space; personal relation to a place.

Exhibited in Emil Filla gallery, Ústi nad Labem (CZ). Again and Again (Zas a znova) – Curated by Tereza Nováková

Untitled (pre-history)

8x5m land art painting performance; flour, telescope, local birds, 2015
process of creation and destruction to be observed from Salzburg Fortress
dedicated to Otto Piene and Günther Uecker, project for Salzburg Summer Academy of Art
photos (c) Deana Kolenčíková & Robin Weijers

The Journey to Mars

color photographs, 2012, 60x40cm
les moments décisifs of a distant childhood