Natura Vincit

Photographs, 2019 – ongoing, various formats, with Jaromír Harna
Large portions of Ústí nad Labem region (CZ) landscape have been gradually mined out, abused and destroyed.
Art project on the local anthropocene, with global context, with as little pathos as possible.

The exhibition is all about borders – both in nature and in the image language, the borders photography medium. Artists deal with the ever-present topic of antropocene, but softly, without necessary pathos. That is in ironical opposition to the romantic and almost impressionistic visuality of their pictures. Their work is strongly based on the philosophy of concentrated and focused observation of the world. The exhibition loosely related to the shows of Michal Kalhous and Tereza Kabůrková, that took place in the gallery in past years. – Elsa Rauerová, Photogether gallery, Zlín (CZ)

rethinking nature

Photographs, 2020 – ongoing, various formats