⬜ Website design, minisites setups and portfolios with clear and punctual design and maximal technical quality for snappy loading and enjoyable experience for you visitors
Reliability and fast communication. Further I offer professional photography, scanning, editing / DTP services and consultations

Naturally, the setup process includes SEO optimizations for both google and humans

I also work with range of trusted UI / UX graphic designers and language translators EN / DE / FR / SP / CZ / SK 🌍

Websites I enjoyed making


⬜ Reach to me for pixel perfect websites on any device

WordPress, the system I use 99% of the time is easy to use and I can also teach you to maintain your own website after it is established,
however long-term support and website updating service can be arranged
VIP and Ahead-the-line communication available

Individual pricing per project
Many years of experience with sites for NGOs, artists and art galleries

Pavel Matoušek

info@pavelmatousek.cz / +420 721670978 / LinkedIn

Business IČ: 06239439.  #webdesign #webstičes #microsties #europe #worldwide #translations #copywriting #seo